Web Design Basic Structure

One of the first things to learn in HTML is the basic structure and syntax needed to make a simple web page. The below markup is what a basic webpage* looks like:

        <title>This is the page title</title>
        <h1>Heading one</h1>
        <p>This is a paragraph of text. Notice the tags that surround me</p>

* There are a few tags not included in this example for the sake of simplicity

Reading through it you can see tags surrounding various sections of content. This effectively marks that content and attachs meaning to each bit of information in the document. Altogether the tags and content contained are called an element.

I know it is relatively easy at this point and I anticipate some of you will try using new tags before we talk about them in class. That is the way to learn, and good on YOU! Repetitive use of the syntax, coupled with excellent organization will make future learning, experimenting, and debugging much more efficient and a lot less frustrating.

Are you a organized person? Tell me a few things that you do to stay organized in you life.

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  1. KimberlySewell2

    As a Virgo, it shames me to say that I am NOT an organized person…at least not to a great extent. My life consists of organized chaos. I generally know what thing can be found in what pile, I usually leave my jewelery lying in the same place every day (although that place is not my jewelery box), and while I divide my notes for classes into separate notebook subjects, I tend to write my notes on the lines, across the header, sideways along the margins, and inside the thought bubbles of doodled characters.

    I have great intentions when it comes to organization, though. My bookshelf is organized by genre, author, and preference (all alphabetically) but to the untrained eye this is not apparent since shelf #1 consists of T for Tolkien and shelf #3 begins the alphabet all over again after shelf #2 because I have moved from fantasy fiction to spirituality and realistic fiction.

    My closet is probably my best example of organization. To the left-hand side are dresses arranged left-to-right by Black, White, VIBGYOR and sleeve length within each color (left-to-right, longest-to-shortest). In the center are pants; dress pants on the left and jeans on the right. Further to the right are all of my tops, arranged in mirror to the dresses (ROYGBIV, White, Black, sleeves shortest-to-longest). I may keep my notes in disarray, my books in an unruly hierarchy and my general possessions in a terrifying heap of stuff that flows all over the house…but my closet is beautiful.

    1. BlueBird

      I think that organization can be very subjective so as long as you find whatever you need in time i guess that you’re organization, even he it wouldn’t seem organized for someone else, is worth it and works !

      1. Abdoanmes Post Author

        On a personal level, I can agree with that, but what happens when you are in the office or working within a team? It can be pretty difficult to get things done without even some basic standards.

      2. BlueBird

        I was talking only on a personal level as she was talking about her room and how she ordered her books but as a matter of fact in a team you have to be organized enough for all the team to be able to work effectively with you!

  2. craig

    I thought I was a fairly organized person until I joined the Navy. Our armed forces do a great job of teaching its members organization at several different levels. I use a daily planner and I the calendar app on my smartphone gets a lot of use.

  3. jessicawalters

    I am actually a very organized person, but there are still many things that I need to work on in this area. I am very busy, so I have to keep my planner up to date. I actually have four different planners/calendars that I use. I have found that if I use one calendar for all aspects of my life, it gets very cluttered and becomes useless.. A lot of people love electronic calendars and there are certainly many great apps out there for this. However, I love hand-written calendars because it is easier for me to remember things when I initially write them down. For example, I have a calendar in my planner that I use for my blog/business/social media schedule, I use my planner to write down my daily schedule and homework, I have a separate notebook where I write my schedule of meetings and projects for work, and I also use a desk calendar so I can keep track of my finances and when bills are due. I also love using notes on my phone and e-mails to stay organized. Using folders and multiple e-mail accounts on my phone has also really helped me.

  4. devanmills

    I stay organized by writing everything down, even though most of the time after I write it down I don’t even look at my events because i have taken the effort to put it down. But if I do not write it down, somewhere, I tend to forget. I also will write reminders on my mirror in the bathroom with a dry erase that helps to remind me of things to do, or going on that day.

  5. RastaDonut

    I’m usually a fairly organized person but, like everyone else, something falls through the cracks every now and then so I’m looking to improve my organization skills this semester. I bought a calendar and I’m marking it with the big events or due dates for projects that I would otherwise easily forget. So far, so good. I also utilize the notes app in my phone a lot and I try to have Siri remind me of little things as soon as they happen just in case it slips my mind to put it on my calendar later that night.

  6. bwhatley

    I stay organized, through a planner. I also like to make notes of what I need to do for the future in order to spark my memory. A weird thing that I also do is repeating to people what I need to get done and have them remind me. I do not rely on them to remind me, I just repeat it to them so I can remember. Saying things out loud really helps my memory. I know there are a lot of other ways I could look into to better help my organization skills.

  7. FreddyC

    I have specific notebooks that are designated for specific topics so that notes from different classes don’t intertwine and become confusing or difficult to follow. I also keep a small filing bin for all of my courses with assignments and documents I can use later on. I believe that organization is key to making sure that a goes to b goes to c and if the fundamentals aren’t organized, then everything may fall apart.

  8. josel

    Organization is usually a challenge for me. recently ive found that writing things down helps me to remember and organize my thoughts better. Organiaztion is about planning ahead and being prepared.

  9. cooie

    I am a very organized person. I have to keep myself very organized (mostly with lists) otherwise I have a tendency to breakdown. I am one that always carries a notebook and pen around to keep thoughts from being forgotten.

  10. katieengland

    Is there a resource available through the internet that you can use to easily look up tags you haven’t used before?

    As for me, I stay organized by writing everything down. I use a planner, sticky notes and notes in my phone to keep myself from forgetting appointments and things I need to get done.

  11. BlueBird

    Do every web designer organize their tabs the same way? I guess so as it needs to be very clear and not only for you as people can inspect your code to create more things from it but i was just curious if some tried to do it another way.

    For my part i am really organized when it comes to work, study or administrative tasks but i like to be more creative and spontaneous when it comes to hang out with friends or to travel.

    1. Redmacd

      From what I have learned so far it seems that programmers are a group of people who enjoy doing something not a lot of people do, and that is sharing! I think programmers do things in certain ways so they can share what they have done more easily with other programmers which in turn allows them to come together and build upon the substantial developments that have already been made. Since these developments have made designing things on the web so easy (in respect to the talent of these programmers), there hasn’t been the need or want big enough to develop an almost entirely different way of designing and programming for the web.

      1. BlueBird

        Thanks !!
        So do you know where html comes from i mean all the tags. For instance if one day a web designer wanted to do a particular structure and there was no code for it, could he implement it to the program? Who is managing all those codes?

  12. Abdoanmes Post Author

    I manage multiple email accounts and utilize email flagging, calendars, and tasks to differentiate my obligations and work. Furthermore, I aggregate notifications onto my smartphone to have a singular area where I am able to view and act on them. When I write HTML, I attempt to keep a strict method of spacing (via the tab key) to ensure I can easily identify various elements and their nested elements

    1. Redmacd

      I definitely do the same thing when it comes to using my phone, but I don’t think I have reached to point in my life where I must differentiate between all the things that I do and maybe I never will. For now, I like to look at everything as it is and see the big picture, which in turn helps me work in a much more efficient manner than if I was break my schedule or routine into a lot of small tasks.

      1. Abdoanmes Post Author

        Every year of my life, I have felt as though I reached capacity of what I am able to do, but then I am pushed beyond those limits. Technology has definitely helped me make that happen, but then again I feel like I am a slave to it at times.

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