A Glimpse into the Future?

So, many of you have given stellar responses as to what your life has been like as you grew up with different technology. I’m a little sad, because I realize that I am getting old. I can actually remember a time before computers altogether. I even used typewriters. Sigh… Regardless, I am on top of tech game today (or at least trying to stay a top). I have always been fascinated by technology, and I dreamed of a smartphone before having a cell phone was even a thing. Today, I am entrenched in a variety of state-of-the-art technology and I like to think I can see what is coming next. If you really analyze the development of tech even over the last decade, it is growing exponentially! If you are are into futurist talk you might be familiar with Ray Kurzweil and the predications that he has made that have consistently came true over the last few decades. Check out this video: http://www.ted.com/talks/ray_kurzweil_announces_singularity_university.html

Since Google Glass was mentioned a bunch in the comments, I thought you all might enjoy this glimpse of a possible gamified future.

What do you think are we headed on this path?

8 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Future?

  1. Betsy Mantegna

    This was a very interesting look into what could be our futures. And while it did look like fun at the same time it was also a bit creepy. With the google glass coming out soon it does make me worry about our privacy in the future and how people could be spying on everything we do. Another issue I had in the film was the ending which did scare me quite a bit as it showed that this technology could control people.

  2. bwhatley

    That video was very interesting. I honestly did not see the end of the video coming! I remember watching it in my electronic media class when we took your quick course on gamification, but we did not get to see the end of it. I really hope our future does not hold that. I feel like the concept is great, but to the extreme of being able to completely rewire what someone thinks and have people do what you want them to do would be dangerous! I really would not want to have to throw another worry on my plate later in life.

  3. BlueBird

    That video was amazing and very interesting but kind of scary at the same time as everyone mentioned it here. Technology has the possibility to bring everyone together and it was probably one of its aim at the beginning: being able to talk to people at the other side of the planet. But as doing so it also separates people: use of cell phone all the time even when you are enjoying time with your friends for instance. Some bars have even created glasses that can stand on a table only if you put your phone under it so that people can’t text all evening and have to talk to the people they’re with.

    Furthermore, i just saw the movie “Her’ and it is frightening to see how technology could seems so human and how you could be enjoying more time with your devices on your own at home than outside or be outside but without seeing people or being part of the world you live in because you’re absorb by your technology.

    At the same time i have to admit that i really wish i could try at least once those new technologies when/if they come to life a day. But then can you not be addicted by them?

  4. katieengland

    I honestly hope this isn’t what the future holds, although I think eventually our technology will probably be that advanced. I feel like our generation is already distracted by technology so much. I can’t even imagine how annoying it would be to be on a date and have the person concentrating on the screen in front of their eyes instead of on you. Phones can be bad enough sometimes.

  5. devanmills

    I find this video very entertaining but I really hope this is not what the world is coming too. I truly enjoy all the things that technology has to offer but I also enjoy the simple things in life. Technology can make people almost transparent and Im not sure I like that. I enjoy getting to learn things about people through experinces.

  6. craig

    This video is hilarious! Although it can be construed as a bit creepy as well. It does beg the question if gamification is going to oversimplify already mundane tasks like cutting a cucumber? If we do see this HUD style technology in the future, it could be the peak of multi-tasking. The future holds limitless possibilities.

  7. josel

    This video was pretty cool. my roomate is a big gamer so he enjoyed it as well. But it was interesting to see how games can be used in lifestyle situations. The thought of having a screen in front of me at all times does somewhat scare me. I hope if this ever does come to pass we have the option to turn it off.

    1. Abdoanmes Post Author

      I used to be a big FPS gamer, the Halo series to be specific. The twitch reactions needed to mow down swaths of grunts and then swap to your sniper for a no scope on an elite was fun, but now I that I have kids I hardly have times for those games. Lately, I have been addicted to Minecraft [minecraft.net]. It’s one of those slow burn games that really has no end. I am able to game with a few friends across the country on a private server I built and operate. You can check out the small blog about it at azombie.com. But I digress…

      To your point, I could see a future where there is a big divide between those that have augmented reality implants and those that don’t. There might be a time when we debate if you should be able to turn off your device. There might be those that believe technology is a virus to humans while others look to it as the next step in immortality. Crazy sounding for sure, but if you factor in the exponential rate technology is growing you might believe it. Thirty years ago would you have believed that people today would have devices that they could watch movies, listen to music, video record, talk, text, email, game, and continually access the entire internet with? Oh and throw in the fact it fits in your pocket and it highly mobile… you probably would have though it sounded crazy and impractical.

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