A Glimpse into the Future?

So, many of you have given stellar responses as to what your life has been like as you grew up with different technology. I’m a little sad, because I realize that I am getting old. I can actually remember a time before computers altogether. I even used typewriters. Sigh… Regardless, I am on top of tech game today (or at least trying to stay a top). I have always been fascinated by technology, and I dreamed of a smartphone before having a cell phone was even a thing. Today, I am entrenched in a variety of state-of-the-art technology and I like to think I can see what is coming next. If you really analyze the development of tech even over the last decade, it is growing exponentially! If you are are into futurist talk you might be familiar with Ray Kurzweil and the predications that he has made that have consistently came true over the last few decades. Check out this video: http://www.ted.com/talks/ray_kurzweil_announces_singularity_university.html

Since Google Glass was mentioned a bunch in the comments, I thought you all might enjoy this glimpse of a possible gamified future.

What do you think are we headed on this path?

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  1. craig

    I thought it was quite interesting the divide that the respondents posted about the need for education in website design. I suppose website design is like most jobs where if you have the skills, one doesn’t need to have a degree. Well, as of yet I don’t possess the mad skills, but hope to be in the ballpark by the end of the semester.

    1. Tryenamy

      Hey everyone, this is Ryan Higley and I work with Adam in the Instructional Technology Center here on campus. I created all the artwork for the course this semester and helped Adam with some of the gamified elements. I’ll be popping in here occasionally throughout the semester with comments and ideas mostly related to design. I’m excited to talk with you all.

      1. Abdoanmes

        Thanks, Ryan! Thank you a bunch for helping with the design as it adds a much better feeling to the completely gamified course. Your incite on design principles and visual communication will definitely be appreciated.

    1. adam

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      1. adam

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