Web Design Crash Course Lesson Review Video!

Hello all!

Here is a video I made for y’all (late at night so don’t judge me). I tried to quickly summarize where we are at by this point in semester. I am going to be picking up speed and need you to start doing a bit of research on your own to really enhance your designs. There is a bit too many tags to give them all practical (hands on) attention. EXPERIMENT with different tags. I know who is doing awesome out there and I am expecting that you start throwing in more tags and things we don’t cover in class. I will help guide you if you have questions, and I will be more impressed by your attempts to make something awesome instead of trying to follow the assignments exactly…

3 thoughts on “Web Design Crash Course Lesson Review Video!

  1. Abdoanmes

    I’m surprised that no one has many questions at this point. Many of you seem to be getting the basics or HTML, but you still need to get in there on the hosting side and start linking your files to your PERSONAL URL.

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