Technology to Change the Future

The future of learning is being shaped at an exponential rate due to the ever increasing advancements in technology. Gamification is the idea of taking game mechanics and thinking then integrating it into non-game environments. Recently, I traveled to California to attend Educause and I had the privelage of listening to Jane McGonical deliver her keynote. Awesomely it was recorded and I can share it with you! Watch the following video that was from the October 2013 Educause event.

Higher Education Is a Massively Multiplayer Game (Jane McGonigal)
The success of education and communication in the future will rely heavily on technological skills and advancements. Students of the future will need to know how to navigate in a highly technical world in order to learn, engage, and succeed. Write a detailed reply that explains how having technical skills in web design, desktop/mobile publishing, and social networking will be mandatory for the next generation of learners. Write about what education paradigms (patterns) have changed from the time you started school until now.

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  1. craig

    I thought it was quite interesting the divide that the respondents posted about the need for education in website design. I suppose website design is like most jobs where if you have the skills, one doesn’t need to have a degree. Well, as of yet I don’t possess the mad skills, but hope to be in the ballpark by the end of the semester.

    1. Tryenamy

      Hey everyone, this is Ryan Higley and I work with Adam in the Instructional Technology Center here on campus. I created all the artwork for the course this semester and helped Adam with some of the gamified elements. I’ll be popping in here occasionally throughout the semester with comments and ideas mostly related to design. I’m excited to talk with you all.

      1. Abdoanmes

        Thanks, Ryan! Thank you a bunch for helping with the design as it adds a much better feeling to the completely gamified course. Your incite on design principles and visual communication will definitely be appreciated.

    1. adam

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      1. adam

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