My Quests

Welcome to an exciting journey in which you are going to be learning web design along the way. These quests are designed to be completed week by week and happen to coincide with the various weeks of semester. Unlike courses you may have taken in the past, we are going to intermix a thin layer of gamification into this course. What is gamification you might ask, well it the act of integrating gamelike mechanics and thinking into something that is otherwise not a game.

Web design is many things, but in this class we are going to narrow the scope and take a look at it from the perspective of a mass communicator. When you look at the web today, it’s hard to think of a time before continuous communication. As we march o into the future, those that can harness the power of technology will be an integral part of society.

Pull on your boots, sharpen your swords, and plot your course. The journey begins…

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